Want to share a workshop or bring something creative at Burning Sand 2019?


You are in the right place 


Workshops are a great way to learn a new skill or be entertained

And, of course, to share knowledge a skill or any kind of entertain you can think of!

Any skill or talent you are willing to share is your gift to the burning sand community.

Whether you dance, make music, do yoga, sing opera, twirl nipple tassels, swing poi, meditate, play guitar, paint watercolours or practice tantra, your participation is encouraged, nay, required!

We have an Dome shared community structure, appropriately called the no-land sand, where many workshops are held... it just takes you!


Getting started

If you have an idea for an event or workshop, please tell us as soon as possible so that we can put you on the schedule list, all the proposals are welcome, the responsible will think to select the feasible and appropriate initiatives.

Once you have selected a date, ( will be active from Thursday 3th to Sunday 15th) so we can put it in the schedule on this page, so people can learn about it and attend.