SICILIAN       BURNING                     SAND                             2018


It's been 8 years already since the first Burning Sand, we felt the magic from the 1st time and you know that magic, it's impossible to stop!

The Burning Sand is the perfect mix of all the elements mother nature provides.

The location is on a beach sourrounded by turquoise water (yes, you can still swim in October:)

and rocky mountains (there are 2 natural parks nearby:)

This year we decided to make a big step forward.

For the first time we will respect all the 10 principles of Burning Man

we will no longer have a bar to make our profit,everyone is welcome to bring their own drinks and food to share with each other!

We are paying our expenses through donations or through membership registration on the spot!
If you are able to, please support us and help us make the magic happen by following this link

Our main expenses are:

Sound System rental


Material to build the effigy

Porta Pottys 


A large gazebo (to create a lovely space where people can rest or cook)

A 37sqm DOME (chillout area, workshops)
And much more:)


Thanks so much,loads of love to each and every one & see you at the Sands!


Please contact us if you have any questions!!!