SICILIAN       BURNING                     SAND                             2019


It's been 9 years already since the first Burning Sand


The Burning Sand is the perfect mix of all the elements mother nature provides.


The location is on a beach sourrounded by turquoise water (yes, you can still swim in October:)

and rocky mountains (there are 2 natural parks nearby:)

This year we decided to make a big step backward!

Less publicity, we respect 9 principles instead of 10

we drink more

  This year everything changes...Again!

We gonna be Pirates, we gonna make a mess, we gonna burn our mess!

Don't come if your stomach is weak!

You can still donate even if you don't come:)

Our main expenses are:

Sound System rent


Material to build the effigy

Long drops Decorations

Kitchen set up

Donation prize: 15€ Rhum 25€ More Rhum 35€ Even more Rhum More than 35€ Free Rhum each and everytime you come to visit us! Thanks so much, Burn like a Pirate will do!



Please contact us if you have any questions!!!

+393296170129 piratewhatapp