Ni Viremu Cà!

Hello Beautiful and Horrible People from all over the world and welcome to the Pirate Burning Sand World:)


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We will give to all of you during the next  months useful informations about:


1) how to get to San Vito lo Capo, Sicily
2) useful infos about place to sleep and cost

3) what to bring

4) what's going on the spot and how can you help if you want to help:)


For now I just want you to know that you can fly to TRAPANI airport or PALERMO airport

Trapani is closer to San Vito lo Capo and there are more buses to get here, from Palermo airport to San Vito lo Capo its a pain in the ass that's why it's better for you to let us know your flight details so we can put you in contact with other people that might fly on the same day and same airport so you can share costs of getting here
Try to avoid flight that are arriving late at night if you can.
If you dont have a car let me know your timetable and Ill try to get you in contact with other people with a car that might be around the airport at the same time!

Have a great freaky weekend!
Love you all!

We have base in San Vito lo Capo in one hostel called Timbuktu Hostel which is 8km from the Burning Sand Beach

Its not possible to book it online, you can do it trough us 

if you need a bed, we only have dorms.the price is 15 euro per day plus 10 euro for the entire stay of expenses (coffee, some food, water etc.. (if you stay one night we dont charge the 10 euro)

If the Hostel is full we will find another solution or you have to find one:)

The best place to sleep if you dont have a car is CASTELLUZZO, only 2.5 km away from the Burning Sand beach.

Its possible to sleep at the Burning Sand beach, in a tent or car or van or wherever you want!

October can be cold but usually we swim:)


The playa where we burn is sorrunded by mountains and sea, no houses near by, a truly paradise but without shade:)

Renting a car can make you totally indipendent, that time of the year renting a car is pretty cheap, we can help you to make you in contact with other people that might be interested so you can share the expenses.

Let me know if you need more informations,we ll be super happy to help!

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