Sicilian Burning Sand 2019                                  PIRATI IN FIAMME

ArRrhrrRh Pirates! nice to meet you! Our website is shit, our event is not!

Thanks so much for being here and reading these words, we are proud to introduce you to the 9th year of the Burning Sand, an event inspired by many of the principles of Burning Man.

Everything started as a game 9 years ago, it's still a game. We were only 30 people at the first edition, surrounded by mountains, the sea, full moon and millions of stars. It was the right place and the right time to create something special. That night 9 years ago, we danced, we shared, we burned, we connected our energies, we were fucking hippies, now we're Pirates

We are a small event, we will always be a small event, we wont ruin ourself bringing here thousends of people,  we care a lot about our environment!

We are totally independent having no money from companies, sponsors etc... 

We get all the wood we need from the dump

The main airports to get here are Trapani and Palermo

Trapani is one hour driving

Palermo is one hour and half driving

*Its possible to sleep at the Burning Sand beach, in a tent or car or van, in the sea, on someone else, inside a bottle.

This is a LEAVE NO TRACE event, don't even leave cigarette butts on the ground, it's allowed to spill rhum on the floor but it's a pity!

Help us to keep the beach clean, help us to teach others to respect nature, you don't have to respect yourself, we dont give a f about it ^_^

The Burning Sand location does not need anything to become awesome, it is already one of the most amazing places we've enjoyed in our lives.

Still, we're always looking for art and performance to make our experience even better!

Feel free to bring any kind of art to the Burning Sand, let us know and we will add you to the official program:)

We won't print any program by the way, we try to reduce waste as much as we can:)


October can be cold but usually we swim

This year the theme is PIRATI IN FIAMME (Pirates in Flames), be a pirate, no complains, be indipendent, don't ruin our drinking time!


The playa where we burn is sorrunded by mountains and sea, no houses nearby, a true paradise ready to see some gooddamm Fire!

Renting a car can make you totally independent, and that time of the year renting a car is pretty cheap, we can help put you in contact with other people that might be interested so you can share the expenses.

Let us know if you need more information, we are kind of happy to help! 


Are you ready to burn?